The Janus-Faced Conservatives - Funding The Other Side

by TBG

The Janus-Faced Conservatives - Funding The Other Side
"I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behaviour never lies."

The Janus-faced Conservative Party presents itself as a socially conservative home for British voters. Yet when one looks at what they do, rather than what they say, things are quite different. 

Taxpayer funding is critical for the vast number of NGOs, charities, the arts and heritage industry as well as some private institutions. Yet these institutions are almost uniformly pursuing a left-wing agenda, all provided for through funding by a Conservative government with a nod and a wink. And many of these organisations do after all follow policies and legal obligations that have been put in place by this and previous governments. 

Today an article in the (Trinity Mirror Group owned) newspaper The Express underlined one aspect of this. Taken from an upcoming report from the Taxpayers' Alliance, it showed the extent to which the government funds those organisations working against its own publicly declared asylum policy. 

"A Government source told the Daily Express: "We’re all for robust criticism and helping these organisations with funding for their operations."

The Taxpayers' Alliance via the Express lists how already over £3million pounds has been given to organisations who have undermined government asylum policy, with relentless court lawfare, worked against policy steps, savaged them in the media and elsewhere and who generally form part of an open borders blob, helping to transform our country into a non-British nation. 

Last year 150 activist groups attacked government policy in a public letter coordinated by 'Together With Refugees' a shadowy umbrella organisation run by Sabir Zazai. Zazai was given asylum in the UK from Afghanistan yet now repays that British feeble-mindedness, by heading an organisation campaigning to throw open our doors to the world.

The lead signature is by an organisation led by Enver Solomon, CEO of the Refugee Council. They were awarded £1,596,275 for 2021-2022. Other organisations on the list who also feature in our charity logo header include The Medaille Trust (£677,074), The Pickwell Foundation (£384,704), The Race Equality Foundation (£92,681) and Asylum Welcome (£59,417). 

The Labour Party make much noise against the charitable benefits provided by independent schools, which save the taxpayer from funding 615,000 extra school places (at a per annum cost of £7,460 each or £4,587,900,000 in total) and populate the upper stratum of society, politics, the arts, the judiciary. Yet little attention is paid by the right as to how many far-Left groups hide behind charitable status and benefit from government largesse while working to undermine the interests of our people.

The previous year's report by the Taxpayers' Alliance (2022) on this money funnel outlined a similar dark alliance of legal activism, far-Left progressivism and internationalist activism. £50 million pounds of our money was poured into organisations, including legal firms such as Instalaw who launched High Court challenges on asylum issues.

More concerning was last year's funding of the subversive Antifa group, Hope Not Hate. This entity was created out of an earlier group led by a convicted burglar with a long record in the Communist Party of Britain, even standing for elections. One of its two current key principals even now still speaks to contemporary Communist groups in Britain. He can be seen (above), wearing his Irish red star t-shirt congratulating the crowd. They've attacked everyone from the Conservative Party, to UKIP, Farage and beyond as "fascists". They've also engaged, in mass leafleting and canvassing against political groups during general election campaigns, while not standing themselves.

Worse, some schools even allow them access to indoctrinate children to warn them of the perils of telling jokes or making the 'wrong' assumptions. One of their activists is addressing schoolchildren above with the 'Pyramid of Hate'.

A rational person would see that behind the political rivalry and the shouting in TV studios, our narrow governing classes are engaged in a shadow game for the electorate's benefit. Figures flickering against the wall to entrance British voters. The opposing marionettes of Blue and Red made to appear to be in conflict, yet guided by a single pair of hands.

Where it comes to the true degree of conservatism shown by the modern Conservative Party, the best analytical approach remains that given by Winston Churchill: "I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behaviour never lies."

P.S. Hat tip to the Steve Laws Report (Telegram) for bringing this article to our attention. 

Some of the organisations on the government's funding list:



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