Marine Le Pen Will Ally With Britain To Remove Foreign Arrivals

by TBG

Marine Le Pen Will Ally With Britain To Remove Foreign Arrivals
"We have to have the capacity, Great Britain and send the illegal immigrants back to their country of origin.”

Marine Le Pen has just declared that "When, I’m elected French president...Britain wants to protect its borders and therefore prevent illegal immigrants from entering the UK. We have to have the capacity, Great Britain and France bilaterally, to be able to go and see the countries from which these illegal immigrants originate to make joint flights, to send the illegal immigrants back to their country of origin.” Great! Although, hopefully we can negotiate casting the net out a little wider.

Le Pen is on 55% of voter preferences compared to Macron (45%) in the polls, although the next election is not until 2027. 

She insists she'll use the French navy to "make part of its fleet available to be able to send illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, which obviously seems the most reasonable solution.” She is also not averse to a similar Rwandan idea for those who cannot so easily be. 

She also states her intention to hold a French referendum to “stop immigration and control our borders” and make French preference the law in the country. 

It's a shame that the French will not- presently - vote for the more hardline policies embodied by her father and by the recent challenger from the Right, Eric Zemmour. He won 7% of the vote in the first round of the French election, taking some of Le Pen's erstwhile allies with him, including her niece Marion. But such are the control mechanisms in modern democracies, buttressed by an establishment media. 

Marine, a friend of our country, had previously heartily congratulated Britain on Brexit "a cry of love of a people for their country" and framed the issue, in an interview with the BBC, as a battle between patriots and globalists. Frexit is an issue that her party has flirted with but is constrained by elderly French concerns, including around pension implications (or so a National Rally MEP once suggested to me). 

Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that we have resolved this threat to British integrity, long before her elevation to the Élysée Palace.  As Macmillan said in a more negative context "The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact."

The patriotic consciousness of European peoples is becoming more alert to the existential threats we face and every election points to the shift. Except in our own country! It's time the British people began to catch up and support parties that are truly patriotic, not synthetically during election campaigns by the liberal 'Conservative' Party.

Allez-y Marine. 


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