NHS Filling Positions with non-British, non-European medical staff

by TBG

NHS Filling Positions with non-British, non-European medical staff
The Times / Migration Watch advises that 46% of all doctors joining the NHS last year were foreigners. Of those, 83% were from outside the EU. 

An article in the Times taken from a paper by Migration Watch outlines the extent to which Ministers and NHS senior staff have force diversified the NHS, making the staff increasingly unrepresentative of the people they are treating.

For instance, Age UK states that half of all people arriving in A&E are over 65 (35% over 75). A largely White British demographic. For the England patient care statistics for 2021-2022, 75% of admitted patients were within the 'white' category, 69% of them British. Yet already in 2019, 30% of medical staff were Asians, and 5% were black.

The Times / Migration Watch advises that 46% of all doctors joining the NHS last year were foreigners. Of those, 83% were from outside the EU!

Anecdotally, this author on his first trip to his local village GP last week was stunned to encounter an African GP, with a heavy foreign accent and tattered jumper and shoes. This is in a small southern English village that is 98% White. I then had an appointment at a local hospital for a test that was conducted by a friendly, diminutive South American man.

At the same time as these hiring statistics, "just 47 percent of UK-based medical applicants were accepted, in contrast to 80 percent of students across all courses" (MigrationWatch). The rest had their applications rejected in favour of cheap foreign-trained staff. 90% of long-term work visas given last year were for people to join the medical and care industries, allowing them to bring their families with them and soon enough become British citizens. 

Foreign Doctor Incompetence

Earlier reports have indicated that foreign doctors are vastly more likely to be struck off than UK-trained doctors. This has been blamed on poor training at institutions abroad where standards lag those in the UK. Also, wide cultural differences and language abilities between medical staff and their patients have presented serious problems. In some cases, there has been significant fraud by unqualified doctors who create false qualifications. More shockingly still, the Times found a hundred doctors who were allowed to keep practising, despite falsifying or embellishing their qualifications. Even though earlier reports suggested Bangladeshi doctors were 13 times more likely to be struck off (above) the NHS still makes regular trips to the wider subcontinent to recruit. 

Elsewhere the "we are the NHS" campaign, in league with various ethnocentric NHS groups, such as the 'Nigerian Nurses Association' are busy persuading foreign citizens to train for a chance of an eventual UK passport for themselves and their families.

White Racists 

Any expressed preferences by British patients for white staff due to their unfamiliarity with minority carers has led some elderly patients being attacked as 'racists' by minority activist doctors. It's even been suggested that such patients should be left to their fate, with care removed if they persist in their request for British care. It's natural and perfectly reasonable that at a daunting and sometimes terrifying point in your life's path, you would want to be cared for by those similar to yourself and your upbringing. By those who have English as their first language and a common source of cultural understanding. After all, this was always what was used as the justification for hiring more minority staff, whether in the public sector such as schools or care, or in private organisations: representativeness. 

Justify Why You've Hired A White Person

Meanwhile, even in the UK, with British passport holders, the NHS and its local trusts are trying to increase workforce diversity. One trust formally makes HR staff justify why they've hired White British staff. "The Royal Free Hospital in north London has adopted a policy requiring interview panels to justify themselves whenever a shortlisted ethnic minority candidate is not appointed to a role." To "be documented in the trust’s monthly Workforce Race Equality progress report." The loud and clear message being, if you want job security, you had better hire as few White British candidates as possible. 


As even some of the Left have pointed out, if you have a progressive outlook it's unethical to poach doctors trained by poor countries to work in the UK. There's a small reciprocal element from remittances sent back to support families, but this ignores the higher costs of training and the loss of trained medical staff. 

For now, the familiar accusations of 'racism' have been used as a moral club to prevent those on the establishment Right being willing to grasp this nettle but as the medical workforce darkens, even the most oblivious cannot fail to notice what is an intentional policy both by the government and by NHS seniors to transform our workforce and make it very difficult to reverse the process.


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