Activist Trust Leverhulme Funds Report On 'Racist' British People

by TBG

Activist Trust Leverhulme Funds Report On 'Racist' British People

The Leverhulme Trust - wealthy from its 5% shareholding in the Unilever giant - is to fund the so-called Centre For Hate Studies at the University of Leicester in a two-year study to find examples of 'racism' in the countryside and in rural towns (Telegraph). 


Conclusions are likely to have been reached before the study even begins, with the director of the centre overseeing this, Professor Neil Chakraborty, writing papers on the presence of rural 'racism' and exclusion for at least fifteen years, with titles such as "England's green and pleasant land? Examining racist prejudice in a rural context. (2006)"



His co-author colleague Corinne Fowler, author of Green and Unpleasant Land (gardening is racist and elitist), previously hit headlines over various National Trust projects including 'Colonial Countryside' which was aimed at schoolchildren, inevitably imparting a sense of shame and white guilt in these children so they could become ambassadors to their peers. In the words of the authors, to "inspire a new generation of young people to advocate talking about colonial history."

After the Conservative Party group Common Sense objected, the Professor was fêted in the Guardian claiming she had been 'unfairly targeted'. Ironically a project incensing these Conservative MPs was in reality co-funded by Arts Council England, which itself is funded and guided by the Conservative Minister for Culture (in 2020 a position held both by Nicky Morgan and then by Oliver Dowden. Dowden himself, bizarrely, criticised the NT report).

The media train has moved on but at the time (2020) at least 70 schools were already actively teaching this material to malleable young minds and this can only have increased since. As the above tweet indicates, her academic focus shows no sign of slowing down on racial grievance issues. 

The rural racism study is being conducted through 40 "community research partners" from non-European backgrounds who are to be sent out as researchers in the field to capture visual media on 'prejudice' from British people to construct a narrative around a racist rural society. Many of those selected have also been chosen because of their witnessing previous opposition online which, in the words of the announcements, caused them to "receive personal attacks online and in the media" i.e., to be criticised for their statements or activism. The study is also asking minorities in the countryside for their complaints on 'rural racism' to further pad out the report. 

No doubt after 40 minority activists and others locally have had two years to collate their report on how horrendous we British are, the final report will receive a big media splash and the anti-White undercurrents that are always present here will further disrupt relations between the various peoples inhabiting the nation, giving the imprimatur of academia to justify a sense of grievance on one side and a sense of obligation on the other. 


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