"Terrorise": West Midlands Police Statement After Ramadan Attack

by TBG

A number of missiles were thrown at police vehicles. An officer was hit by a thrown bottle. Officers were chased out with participants calling for the mob to "terrorise" the police and telling the police to run.

In a stable-door-horse-bolted moment, West Midlands Police release a statement after police were shoved, bottled and cursed at by a large group of Muslim males. The conflict surrounded an illegal Ramadan street market in Birmingham.

There has been absolute silence on this from leading politicians, including the Asian-heritage Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.  

Police finally acted after the failure of the softly-softly approach of "community policing" following a chorus of complaints by locals incensed at the litter, congestion and loud disruptions going on until sunrise. 

Detective chief inspector David Sproson said: “It’s completely unacceptable that officers who were there last night to make the community a safer and better place were met with such hostility."

The police spokesman said "We’re investigating after officers working on a joint operation with Birmingham City Council tackling illegal street trading were attacked. One officer suffered a minor injury when a bottle was thrown, as a large crowd gathered on Coventry Road and Ladypool Road. A number of missiles were thrown at police vehicles during the disorder, which happened at around 1.30am today. We’re now investigating a number of reports of criminal damage, as well as the assault on our officer. Anyone with information is asked to contact police by calling 101, quoting 3488 of April 16."

Officers were chased out with some participants calling for the mob to "terrorise" the police, making pig noises and telling the police to run.


Earlier Leicester Incidents 

This is the latest large scale religiously-based incident in the north of England to call for a police presence after earlier conflicts in Leicester last September. This occurred between some Muslim and Hindu youth following a disputed cricket match.

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