The Governing Elite Seek To Replace The British Voting Population

by TBG

The Governing Elite Seek To Replace The British Voting Population

In a new paper produced by the organisation Migration Watch, they outline the elite transformation of Britain, contrary to the expressed wishes of the British population during the last four elections and underlined by the Referendum vote. If the population don't vote the way that you want, then simply replace them with others who will.

Quote: "Britain's population growth is nowadays entirely due to immigration. If net migration were to continue at the present record level of 606,000 a year, Britain’s population would rise to between 83-87 million by 2046, equivalent to fifteen new cities the size of Birmingham. This paper provides a description of what this would require in terms of new schools, hospitals, roads, bus lanes, colleges and police stations."

MigrationWatch focus on the carrying capacity issues of the country as a whole: schools, hospitals, infrastructure. Ethnic Britons with long ancestral roots in this country will be more concerned at the transformation of their homeland and their enforced disinheritance. A homeland that increasingly looks less like the country of their youth, populated by people like themselves and more like a multi-ethnic 'melting pot' where familiarity and kinship is replaced by a thousand different languages and peoples brought from all corners of the earth.


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