The Shapeshifting Left Trying To Bring Down Britain

by TBG

The Shapeshifting Left Trying To Bring Down Britain

At the end of Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto, he enjoins his readers that "Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things." In our age, his political descendants follow his strategy whether instinctively or ideologically. 

A recent example will show us this in action. The phrase "Watermelons" (green on the outside, red on the inside) was made more widely known by the podcaster Delingpole, in his environmental book of the same name. It is used to describe a tendency of eco-socialists to mask their socialist face with green issues which are better received by the public. When these issues are carefully entwined, far-Left and globalist causes can then advance. 

On St George's Day a motley collection of fanatical dupes met outside the Home Office building in Westminster, their outrage burning brighter than their intelligence. 

The above "Pink Boats" protest was there to oppose the Home Office's Illegal Migration Bill as one part of a multi-day protest called The Big One, either side of 'Earth Day' It brought together 200 different monomania groups including CND, Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil, Friends of the Earth, The Socialist 'Workers' Party and the 'All African Womans' Group'. The mainstream media studiously ignored it, unlike the Communist newspaper the Morning Star. The pink origami boats were a reflection of an earlier larger boat dumped in Oxford Circus in 2019 and dragged around the country thereafter. 

Cries of 'No Borders' and 'Climate Justice Is Migration Justice' were common, inextricably trying to link the two issues. The generally held view of these environmentalist utopians is that 'justice' requires our - and everyone else - dropping border policies and opening up Britain to Third World peoples. 

This is mirrored in the declarations of groups like the UN, through the Global Compact on Migration which links climate with migration and has done since at least 2014 when the first wave of alien interlopers crossed into the EU. 

Yet from within their own camp in a now deleted article a former Extinction Rebellion spokesman, senior Green Party activist and philosophy academic Rupert Read gave a different perspective a few years previously. Among his points were "If we do not rein in immigration, that means that we are not taking a host of important issues seriously, like: being on the side of working-class Britons." The initial title of the essay was "Hate Immigration But Love Immigrants", soon changed after howls of anguish. He suffered badly for it among his peers and the linked article was withdrawn. Excerpt below.


There is no decent, reasonable argument for an open borders world upholding green principles. But for the Left a tactical argument based upon the opening sentence given by Karl Marx is more compelling. A multi-pronged front against the existing social and political order.

But Green activist hysteria is something of an intentional distraction. Green policies are not being driven through localism, they are driven through international government coordination and statist application. That's why we see these policies being enacted by national governments across the West, in the name of global governance

Idiots like Roger Hallam, founder of Extinction Rebellion, who dreams of taking out his enemies by a "bullet to their head" and "looking at mass socialistic organisation" (below) are the ones who keep the issue in the media foreground, while governments internationally sign dull agreements committing ourselves to NetZero and passing out almost 3 million visas in the background. All whilst promising reduced immigration. 


This progressive Left rabble decant themselves from one group to another as golems for globalism protesting about fossil fuels this day, attempting to force an election through strikes the next and trying to prevent British people combining to publicly oppose mass immigration the following. At such times it's always beneficial to recall that knowingly or not they are doing so on behalf of higher powers that ultimately will  look on them with their bright dead alien eyes and treat them in the same contemptuously indifferent way as everyone else.


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