Small Boats and The Red-Meat Farce

by TBG

Small Boats and The Red-Meat Farce


During the Easter holidays, 1,057 predominantly young, non-European male interlopers have been brought into our country by the government and their RNLI allies. 

As regular as clockwork, the Asian Home Secretary Suella Braverman is continuing to deal with this issue by passing red meat talking points to Conservative Party allies in the establishment media. 

The latest absurdity, alongside taking over historical RAF bases to drop foreigners into all-white villages, is to lease a floating barge and moor it in Dorset. By doubling up on its single-use 222 bedrooms, the Home Office suggest they can squeeze 500 illegal migrants into it. Yet the 1,057 arrivals in 6 days of poor weather conditions, underlines how useless this showboat is going to be. 

Recall that last year, "asylum seekers" coming here by boat were still only 45% of those claiming asylum. 

A pro-open borders organisation, the Refugee Council, has estimated the housing costs over the next three years at over £20 billion pounds. 

The key issue is the transformation of our country into non-Britain, not reducing the overall costs in doing so.

The only ethical and practical policy is to remove them from the United Kingdom immediately they enter British waters and to drop them somewhere else. They should never set foot on our territory and our laws and policies should uphold this. Our preference would be to place them in vessels off the coast of Libya, but British overseas territories, such as the unoccupied British Indian Ocean Territories would also be an option. New arrivals would cease immediately.

In the medium term, we also need to resile from the Refugee Conventions and the ECHR and start the process of repatriating those who have illegitimately come previously. Once this process begins and the next portion receive their letter of intent, they will self-repatriate themselves, lodging claims in other soft-touch jurisdictions. It will thus become a self-fulfilling process. 

Everyone of good faith can recognise that these steps will never be taken by the Conservative Party and therefore continuing to vote for them in the hope they might, simply means the inevitable destruction of all that we cherish. 

P.S. Last year the government only deported 215 illegal immigrants from our country, when over 45,000 entered. That's 0.4%.


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