Home Office Refuses To Give Somalian Gang Rapist's Whereabouts

by TBG

Home Office Refuses To Give Somalian Gang Rapist's Whereabouts
The victim's mother said "deportation would allow her daughter to feel safer...That’s my child’s life – her childhood – that has been taken away.’"

As the financial costs of his defence were released, the Home Office refused to declare whether the Somalian Yaqub Ahmed, involved in the brutal gang rape of a young woman, has been removed from Britain. Home Office sources have told the press on several occasions that his removal was imminent, including back in 2019 (see here) but it appears that yet again, it has not been followed through with. He was jailed in 2007 for the offences against a 16-year-old girl. 

Ahmed came to public attention after he was removed from a Turkish-bound plane by four of his Home Office handlers in 2018 at the conclusion of his sentence when Turkish passengers created public disorder on the plane (below.) This was the first leg of his journey back to his rightful home. 

The media was also given a tip-off that his deportation was imminent in February of this year, but still nothing. On this occasion, the victim's mother had told the Mail newspaper that "deportation would allow her daughter to feel safer and give her ‘some form of justice’. She said: ‘It’s been never-ending. That’s my child’s life – her childhood – that has been taken away.’"

One of his associates in this crime, Ondogo Ahmed, is suspected to have been killed after becoming a volunteer for ISIS. 

Throughout the process, he has been supported by activist solicitors who have made countless 'human rights' claims on his behalf, all funded by Legal Aid. Government figures now put this Legal Aid sum at £77,795, as revealed by the Scottish Sun. This of course doesn't include the legal costs to the state in fighting these claims, nor the costs for his welfare support, while he fought being removed to his homeland. 

More widely, the deportation of foreign offenders (and those who should have no right to a British passport) fell last year to its lowest-ever level. A report by the Daily Telegraph (🔒) stated "Home Office figures show that the number of Category A foreign criminals and highest harm immigration offenders deported in the last year dropped 13 percent to 956. That is the lowest it has been since the Home Office began compiling figures in 2013... The number of foreign criminals released from prison reached a record high. Official figures show that, at the end of March, there were 11,300 foreign national offenders who had been released but not deported." 

In February this year, the press reported that Jamaican Ernesto Eliot had used the ECHR to forestall deportation, before going on to murder. There was no public remorse, only silence from the public personalities who had worked to keep him in Britain.

Meanwhile, Upper Immigration Tribunal Judge John Keith allowed an Iranian rapist to remain in Britain last month, because he may have faced difficulties in his homeland.









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