We Announce The Launch of TBG News and Views

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We Announce The Launch of TBG News and Views
We have decided, not to diminish our social media presence, but to offer another more interactive opportunity for our social media followers, membership, and wider database for 2023.

We have decided, not to diminish our social media presence, but to offer another more interactive opportunity for our social media followers, membership, and wider database for 2023.

The outfall of the ‘Twitter Files’ showed everyone a glimpse of how tightly content on social media giants are carefully curated. Government agencies from political departments to police agencies, regularly liaise with social media companies to get content removed or political disruptors algorithmically muted. They work hand-in-glove with political organisations who police ‘hate’ to target pages and individuals with the wrong opinions. Anyone who has experience running a page on the largest UK social media site Facebook will know this political bias on Twitter is dwarfed by that engaged in by Zuckerberg’s minions. Its censorship teams, run offshore in Ireland, side-step the UK legal jurisdiction and the extent of its machinations around content policing, opinion visibility, and electoral manipulation is yet to be splashed by a whistle-blower at the right moment. Even its “Community Standards” are written to exclude large swathes of content that might be viewed as critical of ‘protected characteristics’. The policy is partisan. And even when it does not fall foul of the rules, they have others. The rules are near infinitely malleable, as earlier articles on our site have demonstrated. Bias is hardwired into these content policies and its actions following them are shielded by black box algorithms and internal company memos.

With the added layer of constraints that will be imposed by the misnamed ‘Online safety Bill’ through another biased entity, the UK opinion policing taskforce known as Ofcom, it seems the right time to try something new. Consequently, we will be trialling a quick-fire news site on our web pages to offer a community away from progressive authoritarian oversight.

We hope that we can bring our visitors some interesting current affairs pieces that we welcome public views on and to create a community away from the maw of the social media titans. It will also avoid our having to link too often to those news media entities run by people whose professional role is to frame the news in ways that are misleading and scapegoating honest conservative opinions. Too often have we seen far-Left organisations raised as figureheads of probity and veracity in reporting, when they are anything but. Too often these entities are embedded into the reporting nexus, alongside the leading policies and reporting principles of the journalist’s trade union, the NUS. And too often they generate advertising revenue from direct links and put tracking cookies on our readerships' devices to upsell any number of products. Let's stop funding our enemies, let's have less of that all round.

While we hope to be a breath of fresh air, without the watchman on our shoulders, we are still based in the UK of course. As British subjects know, long-existing laws have constrained honest commentary for at least 88 years. Consequently, we must have restrictions, albeit lighter ones and based both on legal constraints and also on matters of taste, decency, and reality. Those who think that an anonymised account for ‘sh*tposting’ (or poasting) means they should be able to write what they wish, to help with the tone or legality, will sadly have to be reigned in or walked out.

Finally, we hope that our visitors help us to make best use of our site. You can do this by firstly adding considered comments to the pieces we share. We also welcome those among you who might wish, say on a monthly basis, to contribute a piece, particularly topical news items that you have recrafted in your own words to post on the site. There is a sense of accomplishment when your own piece attracts a wider audience response than others and truly hits the mark. It’s also good training for your own skills here, formulating your own approach to an issue, using brevity, developing a deeper understanding that can be communicated to others. If this sounds appealing, we counsel that initially at least it should be written under a nom de plume (or nom de guerre, if you wish). The progressive possessed often go the extra mile to try to discomfit their opponents.

Thank you for reading and welcome to our site!

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