UK Pupils Told To Convert To Islam To Avoid Threats

by TBG

UK Pupils Told To Convert To Islam To Avoid Threats

A report by the neo-con organisation The Henry Jackson Society (HJS - archived version) and covered in the Daily Telegraph, outlines how UK school pupils are being intimidated to encourage them to convert to Islam. 

This report, which curiously for now has only been given to select media entities, avoids the potentially incendiary area of White British pupils and focuses instead only upon Hindu pupils, making it a politically safer intra-Asian issue within wider British society.

We have included an outline of a similar experience by a White British child at the end*

The HJS draws many parallels between the serious disorder that occurred between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester in late 2022 and with the Islamic radicalisation across schools. 

Muslim pupils call non-Muslims "kaffirs," an Arabic term of abuse meaning infidel, and children are intimidated, harassed, and told, "if they convert to Islam, their life will become so much easier.” While 51% of the pupils surveyed had experienced bullying behaviours, only 1% of school statistics listed it in their records, suggesting the issue was being swept under the carpet. 

This institutional blindness by authorities echoes the experiences of tens of thousands of White British girls harried by Pakistani rape gangs but who were abandoned by the institutions whose job it was to protect them. 

It also has direct parallels to recent news coverage of British prisons.

Christian (and other) prisoners are routinely being intimidated to convert by Muslim prison gangs, while the Prison Service turns a blind eye. These Islamic "gangs offer protection to those who convert to Islam and punish those who refuse, even threatening family members on the outside." Instead of dealing with the growing problem, prison governors move non-Muslim prisoners to punishment blocks in solitary confinement to serve out their sentences. 25 of these prisoners have now instructed a solicitor to take their group case to court. 

The unwillingness of authorities to tackle issues if they directly arise from the inevitable and inherent failures of multi-ethnic societies, was also seen in the recent Shawcross Report on Prevent, part of the government's counter-terrorism infrastructure.

Shawcross "blamed the low number of Islamist referrals to Prevent on officials’ “fear of being accused of being racist, anti-Muslim or culturally-insensitive” and “anti-Prevent advocacy” by domestic Islamist groups."

Prevent is a part of the CONTEST framework (prevent, pursue, protect, and prepare), set up by David Omand, an ex-head of GCHQ, a decade ago. Its public purpose was to stop future attacks after the 9/11 disaster in the USA. In this it failed and worse, since in 7 of the 13 Islamic attacks (54%) in the UK, the terrorists were found to be Prevent alumni. The author of the HJS report, Charlotte Littlewood, is herself an ex-officer of Prevent. 

British authorities and the wider liberal establishment, find themselves in a serious quandary over these issues. They can ignore (or suppress) the problems that inevitably arise from grouping wildly divergent peoples together or they can cover it and bring to the wider public's attention the natural fault lines that are running through our society.

The current tendency is to avoid doing so, as far as possible, and to give out messaging that misdirects the public's attention (eg. "most grooming gangs are white") when it can no longer be avoided. 

P.S. This issue reminded this writer of a book I read several years ago, now out of print, by Lazlo Thomay. The author's thesis was "when a minority exceeds a certain limit - 1 percent to no more than 5 percent - in relation to the majority, strife is inevitable and persistent, as the experiences of the United States, the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and various African states testifies" (book review, second piece down here). This is the case regardless of which population groups are being considered, but the degree of strife is very much related to which groups are considered. 


A White British Example:

* A reader outlined to the TBG how this issue also impacted upon a White child in their circle: 
"My friend's nephew was one of the white minority in a West Yorkshire high school. with a majority of Muslim pupils. On his way to or from school, he was regularly physically attacked and rolled in the mud by a large group of Muslims who told him that they would "protect" him if he converted to Islam. His mother complained to the school but they stated that no action could be taken because the assaults were taking place outside school premises. The mother was a single mother, so turned to her sister and her husband for support. My friend, the brother-in-law is a successful professional and able to present and assert himself in a way that the mother is not. He went to the school and after a protracted argument, the Head agreed to take action and was able to bring the assaults to an end."


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