The UK's "Entire Supply Of Ammunition Could Be Used Up In 22 Hours"

by TBG

The UK's

Major General Rupert Jones tells Kay Burley that should we ever require them, Britain would run out of ammunition in under one day.

This follows an a earlier report we carried, when Ben Wallace recently hosted the Swedish Defence Minister. He told a journalist that British stocks of missiles given to Ukraine could not be easily replaced  because the supply chains had gone to sleep ten or twenty years ago. Many of the subcontracting production companies no longer existed. Watch it here

At a time when we are unwillingly engaged in a proxy war with Russia, our government has given away defensive stocks which require a lengthy procurement restocking process, leaving us somewhat defenceless. Thankfully, some anti-tank NLAW systems are being replaced in Northern Ireland. By a French company, naturally.

Last year the Times outlined how diplomatic and military powers in the UK had sought to thwart Ben Wallace's intent to supply Ukraine from 2021. The Foreign Office, the National Security Council and Lovegrove the National Security Adviser had opposed it for various reasons.

Last year too, Wallace had considered it a great wheeze to joke with military recruits that we "kicked the backside of Tsar Nicholas I in 1853 in Crimea, we can always do it again."



So far the UK has committed around £2.3 billion to Ukraine, has regularly trained Ukrainian soldiers on British soil, we now reportedly have our SAS / special forces on the ground in Ukraine and earlier this year we were providing for 164,000 Ukrainians living in Britain. 


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