Content Disallowed And Disappeared

by The Webmaster

Content Disallowed And Disappeared

In line with the recently stated intentions of the Silicon Stasi to hide certain types of content from public view, we decided to create a page to outline what some of this content was for social media watchers.


1: The Shahada

(12th February, 2019 - Facebook) Our first piece is of a man of Muslim faith having a senile old lady recite the Shahada (usually used in a conversion declaration) in what appears to be a hospital bed. Clearly this is a public interest issue in that this gentleman is potentially abusing a position of trust or decency and he has recorded his 'good works' and shared it online.

Clearly also, it does not go against any 'hate speech' standards, it does not make the particular individual case, a general criticism (i.e. of Islam) but Facebook have decided that due to the protected characteristics of the party - his faith -  that it needs to be hidden from public view anyway, at least to our readership.

Consider the cumulative effect of these policies of the Facebook censors on the public culture that are then called upon to make voting or other decisions. Social media is fast headed back towards the attitudes of the old mainstream media in managing consent and restricting content from public view.


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