Content Disallowed And Disappeared

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Content Disallowed And Disappeared


This is a page for us to keep track of the various Stasi-like measures covertly rolled out by the social media platform Facebook. It should be read as a case study on how Facebook intentionally seeks to undermine pages on the right. Why stay? It is supposedly the case that over 70% of UK adults use the Facebook platform at some time or other and our role is not to live in a political bubble but to interact more widely. But consider the circumstance that where a major information conduit seeks to manipulate their audience then this clearly has serious repercussions for an open society. This is why we think populist parties across Europe have an existential duty to order high level investigations into Facebook's activity which has its greatest impact upon the Right across the Western world.

The institutional bias of this organisation makes it a clear danger to Western democracies which completely dwarfs the supposed 'Russian threat' which provided the surrogate excuse for all these measures in the first place. This one organisation is the portal for the majority of social media interaction and is a key news and information source, clearly this makes their provable bias politically dangerous. We call for stout political action against them. To our reckoning, the best methods will come from attacking their weak points in areas of monopolistic behaviour, data privacy and aggregation and to have them listed as a 'publisher' as they seek to manage content so carefully. For background information on how they justified deletion of our previous page for the crime of having a lion logo(!), see here. It's really quite simple. If political organisations on the right do not respond appropriately to these challenges, then their influence will be squashed as social media continues to be a key information sharing and interaction point for the global public. There was much talk about the glorious liberty and freedom of the world wide web, but the promotion of key players as the primary content resources to funnel internet users through is almost as bad as back in the old mainstream media cartel days. Any review of Facebook by our political friends should also consider the inherent bias of it's 'standards', enforcing inclusivity (no criticism of any groups defined by sex, religion, national background, sexual identity etc) which bakes in the bias, institutionally. Our criticisms of Facebook's policies can be found here. More worrying still is their increasing connections with far-Left activist groups across Europe. In the UK for instance they are working closely with one such dangerous organisation to fund their indoctrination of schoolchildren #. Beware this new Cali-Cartel that has aptly been nicknamed the 'Silicon Stasi' due to their US Silicon Valley base.

Please note, we stopped updating the below, because the political harassment became so frequent that it was silly continually updating it as it was now the norm, not an anomaly.

Our Weekly Tracking Of Facebook Bias:

(22/12/2019) Sadly the lifting of restrictions by Facebook last week was not due to last. While their AI systems mass released multiple pages from quarantine, they individually reapplied restrictions to those pages that they didn't want connecting with their followers. Within two days the shadow bans were back. We shared a post of 'Stormzy' telling children that Boris Johnson was a 'very bad man' and that was it. In quarantine again as can be seen below, immediately following the Stormzy South London post. Our page with 38k followers, now has around 50% of the traction as our page with 4k followers. So, both 'Lifeboat' and 'Under Attack' are now shadowbanned again. Facebook seems to have done away with the nebulous and dishonest "Limits Have Been Placed" red-top warning we have seen so often at the top of our pages and captured below on this page and they have reverted to the previous total lack of transparency that existed before.



(16/12/2019)"Under Attack" page: There was a change to our Facebook status and further proof that in Western democracies, Facebook is a democratic threat. As near certain proof as you need that Facebook are intentionally intervening on pages during election periods was recently seen by the coordinated lifting of restrictions on our pages following the conclusion of an election. As can be seen below we had a formal, undisclosed restriction on our 'Under Attack' page that had been rolled over week-to-week since the beginning of October (see below). It was due to end on the 16th. The UK election was on the 13th. As the period ended, it was automatically lifted without being renewed as it had been for months. See below how the page shares automatically began to rise. As we had barely used the page you can see how our 'infraction' was purely down to the election and nothing else. If a portal controls significant public access to information and opinion during an election cycle, it's clear that has serious implications for that election. See the link above for more detailed discussion of this issue.

"Lifeboat page" Further proof of this can be found from our Lifeboat page. This had no formal restrictions, it was just shadowbanned. People complained of never seeing it, yet all our 'quality' indicators where that nothing was wrong.

Suddenly the day after the election the page was removed from its covert restrictions and content began to be shared once again. We are willing to wager that any investigation would show that this was repeated over hundreds or thousands of similar pages. There is no other explanation for why within 24 hours of the election ending, the page shares began again.

Our page readers were very quick to notice the difference and reach out to us:

(09/12/2019) This week as we defaulted to our next largest page and started to get hundreds of weekly sign-ups, Facebook secretly started shadowbanning our page on December 5th. They gave us no notification as they have hazily below, just suddenly restricted the page from Facebook news feed shares without the hint of a warning, notification or penalty as can be seen in the second picture. We did the pro forma 'error' complaint. Nothing. So once again it's intentional. 

(09/12/2019) And just like clockwork Facebook roll over their page ban for another week on our page. This goes back to at least October, so they've been doing this for  months now.

(03/12/2019) Another week another rolling over of the page restrictions on a page we have left for all intents dormant for over a month. This is how Facebook operates.

(26/11/2019) A week on, we had left the page dormant, uploaded a video and immediately the page AI gives us another 7 days for no reason "this could be due...". We will appeal so we can show there was a human decision to continue the restrictions, but it's the same story. Facebook's non-reasons for restricting our page, ignoring appeals and further concrete examples of clear political bias.


(19/11/2019) And on it continues with the Silicon Stasi, how long until people in power start to raise their voices at this negative cultural phenomenon used unknowingly by some many people? Over the past week we've seen a couple of new ones on us. Firstly they penalised our page by declaring an Evening Standard article we posted back in September on the release of 'Tommy Robinson' was against its "dangerous individuals" policy. There was no comment, just a news article, so it now appears you are not allowed to mention people in its dangerous people category unless accompanied by Soviet-like denunciations.  And they are backdating this approach by two or more months.

Secondly for the first time ever, they have rolled our seven day ban over hours before the last one was due to end for "repeated violations against our standards on Inauthentic Behavior." Repeated violations, yet this is the first time they have advised us of our continually 'violating' a policy? Clearly it's the job of a Facebook digital hit squad to target unfavoured pages and make it up as they go along.



October - November 2019: In the month October to November, our main page has seen the usual Facebook attacks. A favourite tactic it to penalise the page for something ridiculous, apply a sanction, remove the violation on appeal, but leave the sanction in place. It happens consistently to other pages too, so is not a glitch but an intentional policy application. 

October started off with our page on an almost 2 million reach, but two videos clearly got Facebook's attention, both around the issue of Kashmir. One showed Katie Hopkins at the London Indian Embassy being berated by Pakistani protesters, the other of India's Modi in effigy being attacked. Neither are a violation of Facebook's terms, so they applied their secret penalty:

  • Your Page has been blocked from sharing links. Stories from your Page are not being shown in News Feed. This could be due to activity from your Page that doesn't comply with Facebook's policies.

 Facebook loves this policy because they can hide the excuse to ban you and you have no way of countering it. Unlike other appeals, there is no visible record of your appeal to follow. So you are forced to take a 7 day break and a massive drop in 'reach'. 

Then when usual service was restored, among our posts was a clip of a transvestite performing a mock abortion: this was quickly removed (without penalty) but they gave us three separate reasons as if they couldn't quite decide. The first was that it was a 'suicidal post' and please contact the Samaritans, the next that it was a copyright issue (no dispute option as is standard here) and lastly a 'Community Standards' issue. All were quickly removed and clicking notifications led to a dead link. The post was still deleted, so we more cautiously posted a photo of the 'performance' and a link to a mainstream news article on it: Facebook went onto our page, made the post 'unpublished' and gave us another 7 day "banned from sharing links / news feed". No outline why, but clearly based on their desire to stop this being more widely known. Interestingly very few global media entities covered this story suggesting that the disgusting visceral and arguably demonic nature of the 'act' cast the activity in too negative a light for their readers to be made aware of. Currently the media are keen to show this group as warm, witty and 'on trend', all just smiley, plastic RuPauls. 

So they will not allow you to show ethnic agitation on British streets, nor a post that is implicitly critical of 'drag artist' culture. 

After this break our page quickly climbed back to 1.5 million reach. So they applied another penalty. This is more sinister. They said a snapshot of a Twitter post criticising Labour's John McDonnell's praise of the IRA went against its policy of supporting dangerous groups or individuals.

They dishonestly interpret a post criticising something as an expression of support instead to justify a penalty. A video of an inter-ethnic attack will be banned for promoting 'bullying or harassment' for instance. But here we see Facebook deleting posts in an election season to defend one party over another. Consider how dangerous this is when the platform is the world's biggest social media company and is used to share news and views by millions during this electoral period. 

We have other pages, so we made a note of this behaviour and also shared it on twitter and other social media. Perhaps for this reason the appeal was overturned, but the seven day penalty remains. 

So in October/November, we have learned that you cannot show the tension between ethnic groups on British streets, you cannot cast 'drag' artists in a negative light and if you associate the Labour Party with the IRA and say 'don't vote Labour' in an election season, then Facebook will intervene. And they keep updating the 'links' ban every few hours as they did previously, ad nauseum. 

19th September, 2019 (Traditional Britain Group - 'Under Attack' page)

Facebook are rolling over this 7 day penalty (see explanation below this one) on a thrice daily basis so it will never potentially end. A group moderator from a patriotic / immigration page also informs us that she is under a similar ban and exactly the same pushing back of the date is occurring at exactly the same time as us. She's not connected to our page. It's a clearly centrally coordinated reaction of Facebook's to attack populist pages. Here's our latest notification below.

17th September, 2019 (Traditional Britain Group - 'Under Attack' page)

This is a new one for us. No notice, no explanation, but now we can't share links. Our posts have been receiving a lot of shares, that's clearly why. All mainstream news articles. They can't hit us with a community strike, so this is the alternative.


17th September, 2019 (Traditional Britain Group Lifeboat page)

A week after they admitted that restrictions were placed on our page, they just roll it over for another week. No explanation. No response to the appeal made 7 days before. Just blanket exclusion from feeds.

11th September, 2019 (Traditional Britain Group Lifeboat page)

For over a month (September 2019) Facebook has been covertly choking traffic without notice on all three of our Facebook pages including on our Lifeboat page. It became more pronounced after a video of boys cycling through an Asda in Brighton started to be well-shared. Now Facebook has lately come up with a new ruse. They admit restrictions have been placed, they don't tell you why and they say it's 'temporary'. You can 'appeal' and that appeal is not responded to.

Yet as our reports show, these restrictions are much more long-standing and we have continually error reported them. Our reports have been routinely 1) viewed, 2) ignored, 3) case closed. Just two are screenshot below (from weekly reports) proving our point.

Late August 2019 (Facebook Under Attack)

Facebook removed a video post that was being well shared causing a big spike in people following the page for "Community Standards" - it was of a community fight in Gloucester. This was appealed immediately and unusually almost as immediately the appeal was accepted, almost as if they were expecting it. But the restrictions placed on the page stayed and remain at this time almost month later (September). Link to source #

July 2019 (Facebook Under Attack) Global Warming 'fake news'

Facebook's "Independent Fact Checker"device was brought in as an answer to allegations of Russian 'fake news'. Yet in looking both at the background of those authorised to conduct these checks and the kinds of content selected, we again see a skewing against those who disrupt the broad liberal consensus.

In July 2019 the global media shared a story about a Finnish academic paper on the overestimation of man's impact on global warming. It was picked up by Reuters and all the main British newspapers produced articles on the subject. The original paper was shared on an academic site in June and had been covered in various ecology and global warming blogs for a month before being picked up by a publisher called Summit News. The following day several other publications covered it including Zero Hedge. The next day it went viral globally. Our FUA page has 10 admins. Two of them shared an article on following days from separate mainstream publications on the subject. Days after this both of these were deemed 'fake news' (dun, dun, dun) by a CNN journalist now a hired gun for Facebook. Their complaint? ZeroHedge had covered the story (not originated the story) and they hadn't included enough critical scientific mud-slinging in this contentious academic area. Look at the other cherry-picked content on Hoax Stories' page. It's now over two  months later. These two articles have been used as Facebook's excuse to restrict our page reach, effectively making us invisible taking us from a million views per week to a couple of thousand. This is how they work. And more chillingly as Facebook penalises publications that share content with which it disagrees all of the world's media removed the articles in question from their online sites to ensure their pieces would continue to be shared on the platform. Joseph Stalin's Russia had nowhere near as much influence to manage the news.

Previous page content: 

In line with the recently stated intentions of the Silicon Stasi to hide certain types of content from public view, we decided to create a page to outline what some of this content was for social media watchers.


1: The Shahada

(12th February, 2019 - Facebook) Our first piece is of a man of Muslim faith having a senile old lady recite the Shahada (usually used in a conversion declaration) in what appears to be a hospital bed. Clearly this is a public interest issue in that this gentleman is potentially abusing a position of trust or decency and he has recorded his 'good works' and shared it online.

Clearly also, it does not go against any 'hate speech' standards, it does not make the particular individual case, a general criticism (i.e. of Islam) but Facebook have decided that due to the protected characteristics of the party - his faith -  that it needs to be hidden from public view anyway, at least to our readership.

Consider the cumulative effect of these policies of the Facebook censors on the public culture that are then called upon to make voting or other decisions. Social media is fast headed back towards the attitudes of the old mainstream media in managing consent and restricting content from public view.


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