Katie Fanning - University Discrimination - TGB 2021 Conference Speeches

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Katie Fanning - University Discrimination - TGB 2021 Conference Speeches
If nothing drastically changes very soon, in 20+ years we shall be a vulnerable persecuted minority in our own homeland by force to various foreign hostile peoples, whose children are growing up in our nations being taught falsehoods and to hate us, the indigenous white host population.

These are the recollections of Katie Fanning who was a very well-received speaker at our recent conference (speech), receiving a standing ovation and who was mobbed by well-wishers afterwards, while a peer conducted a spur-of-the-moment whip-round for her cause, raising hundreds of pounds. The video is on our YouTube and Odysee channels.


We previously covered her story in her own words here

Pre-event Transcript:

1. Good Afternoon, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak to you today, as the matters I wish to raise are rarely given a platform and should be deeply concerning to you all.

2. It is no secret that our universities and higher education establishments have long been heavily influenced by Marxist agents and activists who seek to indoctrinate rather than educate their students.

3. Afrocentric Marxism in academia not only dominates the topdown enforced anti-white messaging and critical race theory-based teachings within our Universities but even more outrageously influences their overtly
racially and politically discriminatory policies and practices.

4. Racial discrimination, hostility and harassment directed towards white students is endemic throughout our education system. It is actively encouraged and supported by most educational institutions who say this is “Positive Discrimination”, “decolonization” and “social justice” .They claim to be “anti-racist” when in reality they are anti- white.

5. This mentality is exemplified in Sheffield Students Union, who banned white students from attending meetings to discuss campus racism, stating as it plans to change 'from being simply non-racist to actively anti-racist’ and this meant excluding white people from participation because of course just being white is racist now.

6. This segregation, demonization and exclusion of the white race has been a theme throughout many universities and its not limited to radicalized students unions, some of the worst anti-white hostility, discrimination and abuse in
universities is carried out by employees.

7. Behar Mustafa who was employed to promote “diversity” at a London university asked white people not to attend “anti-racism” meetings, stating that they (BAME) would not be able to have open discussions with their “oppressors” in the room.

8. I wonder what they possibly claim that they feel they are too oppressed to openly state with white people present? … when this same woman has openly, on public platforms, called for genocide of white people with violent statements such as “Kill all white men” and felt very comfortable about it because she apparently can’t be racist towards white men as a “ethnic minority woman”.

9. Hateful and hostile messaging, along with openly expressing a desire for there to be no white people is rather common. Last year Cambridge University’s Dr Gopal repeatedly stated on Twitter that that “white lives don’t matter” along with statements of “abolish whiteness”, which is a core principle in the genocidal ideology of critical race theory.

10.which if you are not already familiar with teaches that all white skinned people are inherently oppressive and racist from the moment of birth, and that throughout our lives we collectively aggressively oppress all nonwhite people, consciously and subconsciously, even if there is no tangible evidence. And that our existence as white people and our alleged subconscious bias leads to a phenomenon of white supremacy and white privilege and the only way for nonwhite people to be free of oppression and racism is to “abolish whiteness”. Which can only be achieved by eradicating white people. 

11.Now could you imagine if the races were reversed? With a white University professor stating something like “blackness leads to criminality and societal breakdown, and we should “abolish blackness”, that black lives don’t matter or tweeting “kill all black men” what the reaction would be?

12.Months’ worth of violent riots where Marxists and various immigrant-descended people would commit murder, looting, arson, assault and destruction of monuments as we witnessed following the death of career criminal drug addict George Floyd last year. That professor certainly wouldn’t keep their job, or ever work again.

13.Cambridge University however responded in support of Dr Gopal’s seeming incitement by stating “The University defends the right of its academics to express their own lawful opinions which others might find controversial”. Instead of being disciplined for these appalling comments Dr Gopal was instead promoted.

14.This right to express one’s lawful opinions at Cambridge University didn’t apply in the cases of Jordan Peterson who had his fellowship rescinded or David Starkey who was forced to resign as their controversial opinions as these were not the right left wing controversial opinions.

15. Last week I read an article in the Times stating that St Andrews in Scotland has now introduced compulsory modules, including on race and diversity for new students. They will not allow students to continue their studies if they do not “pass” by agreeing with certain left wing political statements along with acceptance of personal guilt.

16.And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It is unsurprising that many white students, particularly the white working class do not feel welcome in our universities. Despite being a majority demographic with our population, we are one of the smallest demographics going on to study in higher education. The number of white people accepted into university is consistently dropping dramatically.

17.In proportion to the population white people are less likely to go to university than their black or Asian peers. Every year consistently from 2007 to present time, white pupils had the lowest entry rates into higher education with white ethnic groups showing the lowest progression rates to university. Now half of universities have less than 5% white students from the working class. 

18. Not only are the white working class less likely to apply, when they do only 22% of applications from the white working-class students are accepted, more than half of universities admit less than 20%.

19.Very few universities implement any initiatives to help resolve the shocking disparity in access to higher education within the white indigenous population in comparison to black and ethnic minorities of a similar socioeconomic status.

20.Many will outright refuse to offer any kind of initiatives or support to underrepresented white indigenous ethnic groups to increase participation or overcome disadvantage.

21.Often actively excluding disadvantaged white students based on their white racial characteristics from such incentives for socioeconomically or otherwise disadvantaged students that are offered to their nonwhite peers. This has created structural disadvantage for large very large numbers of the white indigenous community who are already face significant challenges and obstacles in fair access to education, creating the alarming disparity in the racial and ethnic groups enrolling in university. 

22.Unchecked and mostly unchallenged our universities now behave as a law unto themselves, openly racially discriminating, victimizing, and harassing white students while enforcing adherence to extremist left wing race and gender-based theories and ideology as undisputed fact. 

23.Well, unchallenged until now, as I have brought several legal claims against my former university, in a landmark discrimination case mostly for contraventions of various articles of the Equality Act 2010.

24.Now there are very disturbing reasons as to why more white students do not pursue legal action against their hostile and racially discriminatory education providers and I shall speak about this shortly but first I would like to give you a little bit of background regarding why I am suing my former university.

25.During lockdown I decided that I wish to retrain and pursue a career in something I was more passionate about and hopefully also be less vulnerable to economic downturn and advancements in AI technologies.

26.I decided I wished to study Law, so I enrolled with a university to study my degree online as this would give me more flexibility to learn around my other obligations and even more importantly, I thought this would give me the ability to avoid the worst the leftist activists and propaganda. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

27.Now before I began my studies, I had fully intended to avoid political conversation. I told myself that I wasn’t going to engage in any kind of political extracurricular activities or engage in debates as I’m aware how just volatile some people can be when faced with opposing opinions and I just wanted to get my head down and focus on my degree.

28.However, this is incredibly difficult, as from my experience you are subjected to a bombardment of left-wing often antiwhite theory and ideology in all areas of university life. It’s even contained within the course materials where approval and regurgitation of left-wing propaganda is are only acceptable responses as criticism or disagreement with ideas such as white privilege or enforced diversity will likely cause you to be put at a disadvantage or even
subjected to disciplinary. 

29.Within introductory content of my course materials the first activity I was requested to complete was to introduce ourselves on the introductory law forum for new students, stated that the forums would be an important source of information and support throughout our studies and that we should explore these forums. 

30.I did as I was instructed and introduced myself and began to explore the forums and my former university’s website though various links provided. As I did, I became quite appalled that it was abundantly clear that there was a discriminatory bias throughout the University towards white students. It was also black history month so many of the links on these introductory forums were also related to that.

31.These publications regarding black history month often contained purposely inaccurate disseminations of historical events that stir up racial animosity towards the indigenous white population, most related to slavery, the British Empire and colonisation. 

32. White people and “whiteness” always being described and portrayed in a negative and derogatory light, as a problem that needs eradicating. It is a concentrated and constant character assassination of the entire white race who are demonized as this great evil that is responsible for all and any injustice that has befallen any nonwhite peoples at any time in history.

33.Along with this bombardment and antiwhite propaganda I found that there was several racially discriminatory practices and policies throughout the University. Such as bursary schemes to help socioeconomically disadvantaged students that specifically barred white applicants such as myself. Peer support groups for nonwhite students, consultations and meetings that exclude white students, to ensure that nonwhite students are supported and white students needs neglected, nonwhite students can suggest adjustments to suit their needs and to get support in any area they may have challenges.

34. After two weeks of having this hateful critical race theory based leftist ideology rammed down my throat at every opportunity, I responded to yet another of these black history month posts on the introductory law forum with the simple comment of “this left wing propaganda is unnecessary and divisive on an introductory law forum for new students”

35.I thought this was a rather innocuous statement, however this simple comment elicited a wave of responses many of which agreed with me but of course the aggression of the rabid left reared its ugly head.

36.One student had decided to take it upon themselves to seek out and publish my personal identifying information with suggestions of other people to do the same due to me being photographed with a number of well known
political figures.

37. Finding the malicious publication of my personal identifying information, attempts to bully and inspire hostility towards me in other students a completely unacceptable response to my comment. I decided to make a formal complaint to the head of student experience at the University. 

38.I took this opportunity not only to complain about the borderline criminal behaviour of other students in response to my comment but also to raise my concerns about the racially discriminatory and hostile environment I had found the University to be and asked for opportunity to discuss the negative impact that it had on me as new student and how it was a contravention of the Equality Act 2010.

39. The University responded by stating they felt that any support or initiatives to help white students would be completely unnecessary. They ignored my complaints of discrimination, the racially hostile environment and my
complaints against the student who searched for and published my personal identifying information.

40.I was told I instead would be being subject to a disciplinary, although there was little explanation as to why apart from other people may not agree with my comments and maybe offended.

41. Of course, this censorship and punishment under the guise of preventing offence by expressing an opposing stance works on a one-way left-wing bias basis. If you are offended by the constant barrage of extremist left wing opinions or have a different opinion to that of the anti-white, LGBT, Britain hating Marxism that doesn’t seem to matter. Only if you are offended by noncompliance to left wing narratives does it become an issue.

42. I not being somebody who tolerates injustice, challenged this disciplinary and asked for an example of where I had breached universities rules which are outlined in a document called the “student charter”

43.I have copies of the entire transcripts of the communications on the forum and nothing I had stated or communicated could have been deemed as a breach of those rules.

44.The University responded that I would be subject to a disciplinary because I had stated in a response on the forum that “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization”.

45.The University has statements of support for this extremely violent Afrocentric, Marxist driven terrorist group published on their website, this is an organization which has committed murder of innocent people including children to further their political aims and who have called for the elimination of white people. If a student complains they are ignored or victimized for questioning or criticizing support for these criminals.

46.I reiterated my complaints in detail, informing them that their action and discriminatory policies were a violation of the Equality Act, Human Rights Act, the Education Act. I told them that I was not going to tolerate being discriminated against and put at a disadvantage because I am white and that if they would not address my concerns and complaints then I would seek external advice. I was told somebody from the University would be in touch.

47.I continued with my studies to then find that there were also opportunities to meet potential employers for the necessary training contracts and internships needed to qualify as a solicitor or barrister that were only open to black and ethnic minority students. Preventing white students from being able to obtain their career goals. I again complained and was ignored.

48.I received a call from a member of staff to discuss my complaints and support relating to disability. In this call when I again raised my complaints about the racially discrimination, hostile environment, and enforced anti-white racial disadvantage I was being subjected to I was told that this “wasn’t undue disadvantage” and that they were just “evening the playing-field”. This is documented in their internal emails I have acquired.

49.No further action was taken regarding my complaints, no actual support was offered and I continued to be discriminated against and subjected to a hostile and degrading atmosphere for white students.

50.At this stage I decided to contact the Equality Advisory Service as it was clear my complaints of discrimination and harassment would not be resolved internally within my university who clearly think that they are above the law and their belief in CRT can be imposed in their anti-white policies. 

51.The Equality Advisory Service after listening to the facts of my complaints referred me on the same phone call to Legal Aid Agency and I was given a legal aid adviser who I began to engage with, clarify the facts and submit evidence to. This legal aid solicitor submitted a subject access request on my behalf to my former University under data protection legislation. 

52.During this time, I continued with my studies and attended a tutorial on the British constitution, in this tutorial a debate was started by the tutor on whether the British constitution should be fully codified or not. I argued that it should a certain unwritten principles and values could become undermined by the rapidly changing demographics of our nation. For an example of how changing demographics has impacted our constitutional rights I argued that women’s equality before the law have become undermined by religious sharia courts within the United Kingdom. The debate was rapidly shut down and I was told by the tutor that it was something that we would have to get used to.

53.I received the data from the subject access request that my legal aid solicitor had submitted on my behalf. In it contained the internal emails between university staff from when I first started until when I received the subject access request which was in late November. 

54.In these internal emails I became aware that University staff had not informed me that the students who had published my personal identifying information into the introductory law forum had also published my personal identifying information on Twitter along with other content relating to myself that was intended to stir up animosity and aggression towards myself. 

55.I also became aware that due to my criticism of the University is publication of support for the terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, the discrimination against white students my concerns regarding women’s equality before the law that University staff had considered maliciously reporting to the antiterrorist extremist prevention organization “prevent”. For having as they say: “the wrong opinions”

56.I was quite astounded, when did women’s equality before the law become an extremist view? Or criticizing support for a violent Marxist terrorist organization that is committed murder of police officers and innocent
civilians, including children. 

57.That have also committed arson, rioting, thousands of racially motivated serious assaults, looting all on a large scale, even claiming sovereign territory as their own land, as we saw at the height of the Black Lives Matter violence. Apparently not supporting this is the extremist stance now. 

58. From my own research and from the content of the internal emails of the University staff in relation to myself I became aware that other white students at my former University had also raised similar complaints regarding the racial discrimination we are being subjected to. I also communicated a lady I found raising similar concerns on a website called “what do they know” whose son (a disabled white male) was harassed and discriminated against, fell into depression and dropped out of his studies.

59.Just before Christmas I decided to post onto the student support complaints forum. I stated that I believe that I was being racially and politically discriminated against by employees of the University and asked other students who also felt that they were being either racially or politically discriminated against to contact me with their experiences. This was so that we could collectively address these issues internally within the University as a group.

60.This post was removed. I was told that it was offensive because others may not share my opinions that people are being politically or racially discriminated against once again disciplinary action was taken by this university, for me raising these concerns about the racial discrimination we were facing as white students. Which taking any action, including raising concerns of breeches of the Equality Act are protected acts.

61.I have course appealed this and that process dragged on for quite some time, impacting my studies. I also had to ask to be put into a different tutor group due to having a lack of confidence in the impartiality of my former tutor.

62.I made them aware that what they were doing, by discriminating based on race and by punishing me for raising my complaints and concerns regarding their contraventions of the equality act 2010, was in itself an act of victimisation and again another contravention of the equality act of 2010. I again reiterated that I was going to procced with legal action against the University for their discrimination if they continued to persecute me rather than addressing my concerns. Yet they felt that were above the law.

63.My relationship with the legal aid solicitors became rather strained within the ,New Year, as I felt they were not working within my best interests. I was advised that limitation date was fast approaching and that why would need to
protectively issue my claim so that further investigations on the merits assessment could take place. This legal aid solicitors prepared the legal documents and forwarded these to me to submit the courts.

64.Matter of days before my limitation date I received notification from the courts that these legal forms and documents have been filled (these by my legal aid solicitor) correctly to such an extent that they would not be accepted. I attempted to contact my legal aid solicitors by email and phone yet received no response.

65.I decided to redo the forms and documentation myself file these with the courts. These were accepted and my legal aid solicitor didn’t seem best pleased that I managed to rectify the situation myself.

66.A couple of weeks after protectively issuing my discrimination claims against my former University, I was getting ready one morning and heard loud knocking at my door.

67.I assumed this would be a delivery was too big to fit through your letterbox so I didn’t grab my body come all phone and answer the door, to find three large male uniformed police officers and two plainclothes officers or what I will assume were detectives stood in my doorway.

68.I asked them what they were doing at my home, only to have the plainclothed officer closest to me tell me that they were there on behalf of my University to ask me about my issues with Black Lives Matter.

69.I asked them did they have a warrant, they replied no, so I told them to get off my property or I would pursue them for trespass and that what they were doing was unlawful as not only were they intimidating a student on behalf of
the University for nonadherence to extremist left wing ideology, they will also intimidating a claimant on behalf of the respondent in a civil legal dispute. These officers then left my property and as of yet have not returned.

70. Since when did universities have the power to instruct the police to question a student about why they don’t support violent Afrocentric extremists? Its quite alarming that our police are now enforcing adherence to Marxism rather than the law or that a university can order such acts of intimidation by our constabulary.

71.Due to the neglectful and substandard service I received from my legal aid solicitor my concerns that they were not working within my best interests, the relationship broke down and I started to seek independent advice.

72.This was leading up to the limitation date of when my protectively issued claim would have to be formally issued with the courts and respondent’s. I tried but I could not secure any pro bono or further legal aid. I spoke to a sympathetic barrister who said that somebody within his firm may be able to take up the case that I can raise funds through a platform called crowd justice. 

73.I spent considerable time preparing my campaign, the visual story website securing initial pledges balking to potential media outlets to raise awareness of the crowd justice campaign however crowd justice refused to validate the campaign a called “white student brings landmark discrimination case”. If you look up who runs this organization you may speculate as to why my fundraising campaign was not approved for this case.

74.Being socio-economically disadvantaged there was no way that I could personally fund this privately, so I was left two options either I choose to allow my socio-economic status to prevent my access to my legal rights or I move forward alone of my own accord to pursue justice. 

75.I chose to learn the necessary legislation, civil procedure rules and to write my own particulars of claim and then issue these on the respondents as a novice litigant in person fighting against a powerful institution for the racial injustice, I like many other white students have suffered at the hands of these Marxists.

76.I have advanced legal claims against my former University for: Direct race discrimination (s13 (1), Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010) as I have been treated less favorably and put at a disadvantage by the University due to my white racial characteristics, in their own words to “balance the playing field”.

77.Indirect race discrimination (s19 (1), EA 2010 where the University has policies, provisions and practices that discriminate against me based on my membership of the white race.

78. For Harassment (s26 (1) (b) EA 2010 where the unwarranted conduct by the University related to race has had the effect of imposing an intimidating, hostile, degrading and offensive environment for me as a white student. Particularly with their critical race theory-based character assassination the white race, the constant derogatory and negative portrayal of white people and “whiteness” and the inaccurate dissemination of our history that is clearly meant to stir up racial animosity and hostility towards the white indigenous peoples of Great Britain.

79. For discrimination in Higher Education (s91 (2) and (7) EA 2010 where the University has discriminated against me in the way they afford access to benefit, facility, and service due to my racial characteristics of being white British. 

80.Direct discrimination (s13 (1) and victimization (S27 (1) of factual and philosophical beliefs (s10) EA 2010 and in accordance with the characteristics set out in Grainger v Nicholson. As I was subject to a detriment of disciplinary proceedings for stating my belief that Black Lives Matter are a terrorist organization, which they are, they certainly meet the legal criteria for and for facts relating to race, ethnicity and nationality when discussing racial discrimination against white British.

81.And finally, Victimization (section 27 (1), EA 2010. Where I was subject to detriment of disciplinary proceedings for the protected act of making allegations that the University has contravened the EA 2010 and for bringing proceedings under the EA 2010. 

82.I have argued my former university like most others make no distinction between white students from disadvantaged backgrounds and white students who are not. Labelling all white students as privileged and undeserving of any support to increase participation or attainment for white students.

83.This is a widespread issue in education where white disadvantaged students being unregistered and not considered in the Equal Opportunities Monitoring, are not identified for requiring additional support to overcome disadvantage and are excluded from incentives offered to nonwhite disadvantaged students.

84.My former university cannot use a defense of “positive action” under 158 of the Equality Act 2010 as these discriminatory policies, practices and criteria discriminate against the white "working class" and the socioeconomically disadvantaged white student population, who are already one of the smallest
demographics attending university and achieving higher educational qualifications.

85.Their agenda has nothing to do with equality, fairness, inclusivity, or diversity, as you often find with the left the reality is the opposite of what they name their objectives.

86.These antiwhite universities want to impose a system of inequality where white students are systematically discriminated against and put at a disadvantage, where white students are psychologically degraded and taught to hate their race. They talk of being inclusive all while excluding white students from the same level of opportunity

87.It is time we all took a stand against this antiwhite agenda. This is why despite the dissuasion, intimidation and risk I decided to proceed, because I like every one of you have an inherited duty to so.

88. It is not just a matter of discrimination and harassment education and the long-term impact this has on white individuals in the wider white ethnic groups of Great Britain, or even the very important issue of access to our legal rights as members of the white working class. 

89. If nothing drastically changes very soon, in less than 20 years we shall be a vulnerable persecuted minority in our own homeland by force to various foreign hostile peoples, whose children are growing up in our nations being taught falsehoods and to hate us, the indigenous white host population.

90.This character assassination of the entire white race, the enforcement of CRT throughout our education systems, the purposeful accurate dissemination of our histories to stir up hate and animosity along with portraying the white race is a problem to be abolished, is purposefully creating a climate ripe for violent genocide.

91. We only must look to South Africa to see where this antiwhite Afrocentric Marxism leads to.

92.That is why I ask you to oppose and challenge this antiwhite Afrocentric Marxist agenda wherever you may find it vocally and actively, write to your MPs, complain, speak up and take action.

93.If we do not we are heading towards a very dark and dangerous future.

94.Thank you.

NB the actual speech goes into a little more detail on the case and actions. 

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