Facebook Community Standards Actively Suppressing True Statements On Islam

by TBG

Facebook Community Standards Actively Suppressing True Statements On Islam

In a familiar experience for any Facebook user who doesn't hold progressive left opinions on "protected characteristics" in the United Kingdom, they have today slapped a "Community Standards" punishment against one of our page moderators for the crime of speaking the truth. 

The punishment is for objecting in a reasonable way to the public amplification of the Islamic Adhan. 

The public promotion of Islam during the month of Ramadan is increasingly being promoted in locations that are wholly inappropriate. 

For instance, under the so-called 'Open Iftar', countless well-known and often prestigious venues across the UK have invited Muslim Imans to make the Adhan, the Call To Prayer, over the past two weeks. From The Royal Albert Hall, to The British Library, to Trafalgar Square and even within leading British Christian locations such as Manchester Cathedral, Bradford Cathedral and Westminster Abbey for the second year (2022 clip), which will be the location of the coronation of King Charles in May. 

Manchester Cathedral even apologised for allowing the Adhan in a consecrated space.

The organisation behind it, The Ramadan Tent Project boasts of the growth of these practices since they began a decade ago, in 2013.

The Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan, back from his obligatory pilgrimage to Mecca in December officiated both at the Trafalgar Square Iftar and the opening of the Ramadan lights at Coventry Street in London's West End, which connects Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. 

Call To Prayer ('Adhan') 

The growth of mosques being permitted by local councils to blare the Islamic Call To Prayer, the 'Adhan' to all within earshot is another deeply concerning aspect. Our criticism of this brought Zuckerberg's minions, Facebook's Censorship squad into play. Some mosques are even now allowed to do this on a regular basis, not just for special occasions, such as the month of Ramadan. 

Islamic Supremacy

Perhaps in searching for a paper-thin justification, they landed on our suggestion that the Adhan is a message of 'Islamic supremacy'. Yet this is exactly how the practice is viewed by Muslims. It is why the Adhan officially is not allowed within consecrated Christian spaces, as noted above. 

Boiled Frog

Perhaps they objected to our use of the phrase 'boiled frog' a commonly recognised phrase denoting a process for how small continual changes dramatically shift the culture in a direction, that would otherwise be more widely objected to. What's often termed as normalisation, but in this case should be more appropriately considered radicalisation. 

Christianity The Official Religion Of The Nation

While adherence and practice is dropping in the United Kingdom, as in many Christian nations, Christianity is still recognised as the official religion of England. The increasingly corrupted Church of England is still our official church. A point even recognised by otherwise thoroughly liberal politicians, such as our former Prime Minister, David Cameron

Culturally its inheritance surrounds us, even if the debasement of religious teaching in education has led to a fall in active worship. 

Facebook Community Standards

It should be recognised by all, that the UK's largest social media platform has a set of standards that act as a subversive filter on the ability of the British public to share opinions that go against its Californian Silicon Valley principles. Where an organisation actively censors right-of-centre opinions on a platform used by 45 million people in the country, then this is a serious problem for free speech which has serious repercussions both through self-censorship and for democratic integrity. As the UK's primary cultural conduit operates with such top-heavy bias, it becomes more than a question of a private entity ("then go elsewhere if you don't like it") and becomes a cultural arbiter, worthy of serious government regulation, as is applied to so many other entities in the country. 

We've written before on the wide range of dirty tricks used by the organisation to prevent appeals and the uselessness of their so-called Oversight Board. The suggestion they are 'transparent' is little more than a cynical joke. This latest penalty will not change anything internally there (or here!). But perhaps in light of the outfall with the Twitter Files, we can all recognise the deeply troubling facts about this organisation and begin to 'boil the frog' in the opposite direction. 


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