Charity For The Elderly Has Funding Pulled After Secularist Attack

by TBG

Charity For The Elderly Has Funding Pulled After Secularist Attack

A small Christian charity, 'Zion Projects', run on a shoe-string and focused on support for the elderly and vulnerable in Eastleigh, Hampshire has had its 'Faith New Deal' government funding withdrawn after a hit-piece by the National Secular Society (NSS). The anti-religious group wrote an article attacking the views of the charity's head and trustee Danny Stupple.

In a now removed video shared on Vimeo Mr. Stupple had objected to the spread of the Islamic Call To Prayer or Adhan during the Covid lockdowns.

In an answer to a viewer's question on the topic, Mr Stupple had answered his fellow Christian that "a very strong force of spiritual wickedness known as Islam is engaging in warfare against the Lord with its open-air prayers." Stupple termed Islam in this context "truly demonic". 

As we have outlined elsewhere, the Adhan is a message of religious supremacy of Islam over everything else. Contrary to syncretist charlatans, Allah is not another word for God (Jehovah) for Christians. These are different religions, although Islam uses (plagiarises) some Biblical details in the Koran. 

An NSS letter to Baroness Scott at the Department for Levelling Up, run by Michael Gove, received the reply that "These comments are abhorrent and we strongly condemn them. We take hate speech against any group or individual extremely seriously" and that the funding had now been terminated.

Hampshire County Council who also gave them £19,750  to fund a community café and help its outreach to lessen loneliness and isolation for the elderly also said its funding was being reviewed after the National Secular Society put them under the spotlight.

The council, run by the Conservatives since 1997, declared they would will check the behaviour of the organisation to see whether they complied "with the Equality Act 2010, and had not discriminated against any person or persons, including on the basis of religion."

Since this attack, both the organisation's website and its Facebook account have vapourised. An associated website is still in existence. 

The head of campaigns for the National Secular Society, a woman calling herself Megan Manson (sic., no really), said "We welcome the government's decision to terminate its 'faith new deal' funding of Zion Projects" and also to "ensure public money doesn't go to those who preach extremist or divisive dogma" including "intolerant views that are corrosive to social cohesion." Elsewhere Miss Manson (blog) is an advocate of what she terms "Shinto-Paganism."

What does this all mean?

It means that in modern Britain all public funding will be withdrawn if you assert a theological truth, sincerely believed, that alternative religions come not from (your) God, but from his rival. That government departments will declare your speech and opinions are illegal ('hate speech') if you do so. That your charitable works are as nothing when they conflict with progressive inclusive ideology.

And they will do all this in support of a specific religion, Islam, that boldly asserts its own supremacy over all other religions even while being invited into prestigious public buildings and holy Christian institutions to do so. 

A fish rots from the head down, as they say. Hopefully it is becoming clearer that no reform of our governing class is possible, they all need to be ostracized and replaced in toto.


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