The British nation, its institutions, peoples, traditions, and history has been undermined and attacked repeatedly over the last fifty years by those who teach in our schools and universities, cynical politicians in our Parliament and the self-interested officials in our communities and institutions.

Today the Traditional Britain Group has been reinvigorated by a new, dynamic generation of young, intelligent and passionate people, determined to make a difference and show that there is, will be, and has always been an alternative – real conservatism.
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Traditional Britain Conference – The Basis of Culture

Traditional Britain Conference

Traditional Britain Conference – The Basis of Culture
18th October, 10am until 6pm
Central London

We are very pleased to announce and invite you to our Annual Traditional Britain Conference, the theme of which will be – ‘The Basis of Culture’.

The premier radical conservative conference of the year, it will be held on the 18th October in a truly beautiful and prestigious venue in central London. Guests will hear from a range of learned and exciting speakers on a subject avoided by the liberal-left. Ticket depending, you will be treated to a delicious three course hot and cold buffet lunch with a glass of wine. After the conference wraps up, delegates are invited to join us for our evening social for an ale at a nearby venue

The Traditional Britain Conference will be of interest to a wide range of individuals interested in politics and culture - including conservatives, traditionalists, libertarians, nationalists and radicals - and will be a good opportunity to learn, share and network.

The social media hashtag for sharing photos and comments on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere during the conference will be #traditionalbritain. Free wi-fi will be available.
You can book your tickets using a debit or credit card here. Contact us oninfo@traditionalbritain.org

Please purchase tickets using a debit or credit card via the PayPal below (you do not need a PayPal account to do this).

Tickets available are either with a three course lunch for £65, or without lunch for £35. Students get a £10 discount off either.


Alternatively send a cheque for £65 (ticket with lunch) to:

Traditional Britain Group
BCM Box 9045


Our provisional speakers this year include:

Gerald Warner
Talk – ‘Literature and Culture: Tradition and eternal values’

Gerald is a graduate of the University of Glasgow (Honours MA in Medieval and Modern History), Gerald has been a columnist and social diarist for The Sunday Times, a columnist and editorial writer for Scotland on Sunday, and a leader writer for the Scottish Daily Mail.
In the 1990s Conservative government of Prime Minister John Major, he left journalism to become Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland, the British cabinet minister responsible for Scottish affairs.

He is the author of seven books, primarily on specialized historical subjects, curiosities, and folklore. His official history of the Scottish Tory Party included a foreword by Margaret Thatcher. He has spoken of his latest book, Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries (written with co-author Stephen Klimczuk), as a "robust and skeptical look at the kind of esoteric nonsense celebrated in The Da Vinci Code.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and undertook three years of postgraduate research in Irish history after his university degree. He has written about being part of that "dwindling band of individualists who persist in defying the zeitgeist" by wearing a monocle.

Professor Tomislav Sunić
Talk - ‘Education and Culture: Modern education and the destruction of culture'

Professor Tomislav Sunić is a Croatian-American writer, translator and a professor, who received a doctorate in political science in 1988 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. From 1988 until 1993, he taught at California State University, the University of California, and Juniata College in Pennsylvania, and from 1993 until 2001, he served in various diplomatic positions with the Croatian government in Zagreb, London, Copenhagen, and Brussels. He has also taught at the Anglo-American College in Prague.

Sunic spoke at the French Senate on 15 January 2007, during a conference entitled "Nationalismes et religions dans les Balkans occidentaux" (Nationalisms and Religions in the Western Balkans) and he has lectured on Carl Schmitt, the famous German legal political scholar, and Sunic's articles have been published in a variety of American, French, German and Croatian journals,] including the now defunct “Journal of Historical Review”.

He is best known for his books and writings critical of egalitarianism, biblical monotheism and liberal political discourse. His views are often cited as part of the Nouvelle Droite movement in Europe.

Professor John Kersey
Talk - ‘Music and Culture’

Professor John Kersey addressed our 2013 conference and was well received. We are pleased to say John will be speaking again at this conference. He is an interdisciplinary historian whose work spans the three principal areas of music, education and traditionalist Catholicism, in particular those movements that developed as a result of the First Vatican Council of 1870. He is currently President of European-American University, which operates in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia and specializes in bespoke educational solutions for high achievers. His professional work is combined with voluntary service within the Roman Catholic Church, into which he has been ordained and holds responsibility for a traditional catholic community

The author of several books, he has also recorded over 100 CDs as a concert pianist, including the first recordings of several unfinished works by Beethoven. John is the Director of Cultural Affairs for the Libertarian Alliance, for whom he also writes, and is one of the Traditional Britain Group's Vice-Presidents.

Keir Martland
Talk - ‘Family and Culture: Family Structures’

Our youngest speaker to date, Keir is a former editor at the magazine The Libertarian and now blogs for the Libertarian Alliance. He joined the Conservative party at a very young age and was a Secretary in Conservative Future for some time, eventually terminating his membership over immigration, gay marriage, Europe, and other issues. His main influences are the Austrian School economists, of whom Hans-Hermann Hoppe is one, English libertarians such as Sean Gabb, and to a lesser extent English conservatives such as Peter Hitchens, Theodore Dalrymple, and Roger Scruton. Particular areas of interest for Keir at the moment include 16th and 17th century English history and the works of Plato, Nietzsche and Kant.

Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB
Talk - TBC

“I started writing articles about the left-wing destruction of traditional Britain in 2007, which led to my joining UKIP in 2010. I stood in the last General Election but resigned when it became apparent that UKIP would not confront the Islamic issue, which I consider to be the greatest threat to Britain since Nazism and communism. I joined the British Freedom Party in late 2011, but became disillusioned with the direction it was taking, over which I had little control. In 2013 I established Liberty GB with a small group of ex-British Freedom activists who shared my own political ideology – which is that for a political party to seriously compete in a general election it must appeal to Middle Britain, rather than just the core nationalist vote which the leftist mainstream media find so easy to vilify and smear. If we are to discuss taboo subjects such as mass immigration and Islam, it is imperative we do so from an elevated moral and ethical position impervious to leftist character assassination.”

Adrian Davies
(Address to be confirmed)

Adrian is a well-known barrister (since 1988) who previously worked in litigation for Slaughter and May, the prestigious London law firm. He was educated at Jesus College, Cambridge, where he took a first class honours degree in modern languages and at the University of London where he took a LLM degree.

He was formerly the chairman of the British Freedom Party and stood as their Parliamentary candidate in the 2005 General Election. Previously he was a long-standing member of the Executive Council of the Conservative Monday Club, a former Executive Committee member of Tory Action, and Secretary of the London Swinton Circle. He is also a co-founder of the Bloomsbury Forum which included the political rhetorician, Jonathan Bowden.

Adrian has contributed to many journals and spoken internationally, notably at American Renaissance conferences in the USA, and has previously addressed the Traditional Britain Group.

Christopher Gillibrand
Talk - Religion and Culture: the betrayal of the clergy

Christopher Gillibrand holds a chemistry degree from Oxford and a MBA from Greenwich, is a leading Roman Catholic intellectual who is presently writing a book about Pope Francis.

He holds stridently Euro-sceptic views, having lived in the centre of Brussels and been involved with the EU for ten years. He also translates from German and French and writes about European trade and industrial policy
Christopher believes a proper approach to issues related to human dignity are key to the reform of the modern decadent political system. He is a traditional conservative who has previously addressed the Traditional Britain Group and is one of our Vice Presidents.


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