Traditional Britain Group, CDA and WGI Historical Archives

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Traditional Britain Group, CDA and WGI Historical Archives
A selection of past periodicals, articles and other content from the Traditional Britain Group and its predecessors

You will find a selection of past periodicals, articles and other content from the Traditional Britain Group and its predecessors as part of an ongoing project to show there are few 'new things under the sun'. Many of the issues we face today have echoes from our recent past. These are image files so they may take a moment to load.

TBG Winter Issue, 2005
Including Islamic Terror; Communist crimes; against the accession of Turkey to the EU; Breeding Philistines; and the TBG Simon Heffer Dinner notice.

TBG Summer Issue, 2003

The Enemy Within (Fabians); Discard Giscard (leave EU); Sir John Stokes obituary; Putting Science Back In Its Place; Goodbye England (housing).

TBG Autumn Issue, 2002

Including The Tragedy of Conservatism Today; Le Pen: The Real Winner; Views To Get Your Circulation Going; etc.

TBG Spring Issue, 2002

The End Of The Tory Party; Identity and Britishness; Central Office Urged To Launch Enquiry, The BBC - an Employment Service for Leftists, Messages From Occupied Europe.

TBG Summer Issue, 2001

Special General Election Edition: New Labour: A Disgrace to Britain; Macpherson Report Condemned; National Identity - Act Now.

TBG Spring Issue, 2000 (first newsletter as Traditional Britain Group)

Including, Why Labour Rules; Enough Is Enough (Housing Development); Immigration; Royal Patronage (sarcasm).

General Essays: The Meaning of British Nationhood; New Right Cultural Heroes;

Please note that some issues are sadly missing, due to over subscription requests at the time.

Preceding the TBG was Western Goals,
for more about them, see here.


Western Goals Institute (WGI) Winter, 1999

The Lies, The Shame, The Betrayal Of Ulster; Editorial: the 'Conservative' Party; Withdraw From The EU Now

Western Goals Institute (WGI) Spring, 1999

No To Blair, No To The Euro; The Death Of Free Speech - The Race Laws; Nationalism; 'British' Art?

Western Goals Institute (WGI) Autumn, 1998 

New Labour And The New Face Of Conservatism ( by author JGS); Stanley Baldwin quotations; Martyrs? - on Westminster Abbey's new statues; Where To Now For The Tories?

Western Goals Institute (WGI) Winter, 1997-8

Britain Awake! (To New Labour); FN Successes in France; Rural Britain - Heart Of The Nation; Christianity and the Millennium; What We (WGI) Stand For.

Western Goals Institute (WGI) Spring 1997 - General Election Issue

Including Britain: Province Or Nation? (EU issues); National Identity; Time To Get Out Of NATO.

WGI Viewpoint Paper On The 'Monarchy In Crisis', 1996

WGI Viewpoint Paper, 1994 "The Right Way Forward"

WGI Leaflet From The 90s

WGI Viewpoint Paper - The Mandela Myth, by James Gibb Stuart (famous monetary reform author) (1990) plus "Westender" Editorial on Mandela (1996).

WGI Viewpoint Paper 'The Finance Factor', by James Gibb Stuart

WGI Viewpoint Paper 'Crush The IRA' 1996

Western Goals Institute - El Salvador

WGI Position Paper on Namibia, by The Leader Of SWAPO (1989)

WGI - IRA Misc. (1988-'89)"IRA-ANC Partners In Terror"; Andrew Hunter, MP, Press Release; WGI poster

WGI Newspaper, 'European Dawn', Issue 2, September 1989

WGI Miscellaneous Pieces 
WGI Robert E Lee Memorial Dinner invitation; FCS Campaign leaflet to close the GLC;  Alms For The Poor Or Arms For Communism' by Andrew VR Smith (Director of Western Goals); About Western Goals UK; Subscription Notice 1996; Membership Flyer for WG (UK); WGI were distributors for this issue of a US magazine addressing  'Liberation Theology'.

WGI Essay "Too Many People"

Membership Application For Western Goals UK And Its Various Offshoots (late 1980s)

The Conservative Democratic Alliance

The CDA was a loosely affiliated organisation with some overlap and you can read more about them here. The first items contain mostly bulletins, which will mainly be of interest to the historically curious.

2003; 2004-2005; 2006-2008;

A selection of articles from their old website and blog


The Revolutionary Conservative
TRC was not a predecessor of the TBG, but was a pressure group in the wider political orbit. Read about them here.

The Revolutionary Conservative, Issue 5 (Part 1) (Part 2)

(P1) Conservative Conference Special; A Political Odyssey; Monday Club Update - Lord Sudeley; Message To The Conservative Party On The EU and The Struggle Between Nationalism & Liberalism; Newspaper Alarm on Revolutionary Conservatism Entryism; (P2) Words Of Wisdom - Winston S. Churchill; Bill Hopkins' 'The Leap';  Welfare Overdose; Ulster and The Future Of The Union.

The Revolutionary Conservative Issue 4 (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)

(P1) Message From The Editors; Our Type Of Toryism; Not So Controversial Controversialists; Animal Liberation (P2) AL contd.; Etnic Cleansing In Britain; Tina Turner (!); At The Concert Hall, Opera and Cinema; (P3) The Case For A Right-Wing European Union; A Revolutionary Social And Economic Policy For Conservatives

The Revolutionary Conservative, Issue No.3, entirely on the 1993 Monday Club crisis, is not reproduced here yet, but will be uploaded anon.

The Revolutionary Conservative Issue 2 (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)

(P1) Why Are We In Bosnia?; Whither The Royals; Letters; (P2) Letters contd,; Revolutionary Conservative Letter To The 'Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation'; Underclass; Michael Jackson; Ernst Junger (P3) Junger contd.; Edward Elgar; The Passing Of The Old East End; New Book - Right by Bowden. 

The Revolutionary Conservative Issue 1 (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3)

(P1) A New Thrust From The RCC; John Major: Toytown Without Big Ears; England Adrift (Liberalism); (P2) Madonna: Deranged Bimbo; Review: Spengler - Man and Technics; Culture Of The New Right: Wyndham Lewis; Reviews: Bruckner, Paglia, (P3) Dworkin;  The Culture Of Hampstead Heath; Letters; Introduction To Revolutionary Conservatism; The Challenge Of The 90s; European Books Society.


The Revolutionary Conservative Review, Issue 1 (part 1), (part 2), (part 3)

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